Enabling early stage ventures to plan, hire and empower great teams.

We partner with our clients to identify and plan workforce needs, attract and hire the right staff and retain them as their business grows.

We’ve worked with innovative startups for over 10 years to identify what they really need when it’s time to grow.

We understand how important it is for startups to attract quality people within established timeframes for their growing ventures. Leveraging our industry experience and established network we are able to ensure startups have the people they need when they need them

Seamlessly Embedded

AeonaPeople is here to support founders and growing startups. Our mission is tocreate high-functioning business through sustainable and progressive recruitment and management.


Identifying, attracting, and engaging candidates who will create real impact and support in getting early-stage businesses closer to their vision.

Talent Planning

Working with Founders to help identify opportunities within in their organisations and help build a sustainable talent strategy for the future.

People Advisory

Engaging with Founders, Leaders, and Teams to ensure that they are retaining great talent — and making sure people are creating value and being valued.

After a successful round of capital, AeonaPeople helped TechLend grow & find the perfect team to spearhead our growth

Aaron Bassin
Chief Executive Officer at TechLend Pty Ltd


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