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“You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it”

Events serve to educate and support entrepreneurs through their startup Journey.  Any experienced entrepreneur knows that it can often be a long and lonely road to success, this coupled with the need to perform roles outside of your area of expertise can lead to an overall daunting and difficult experience.

Coming along to events ensures that you are up to date with current trends across various industries, meeting people in similar circumstances and also taking advantage of opportunities that can go a long way to helping your business.

Join us at our next event and find out what it is all about.  Very rarely is it a waste of time, so if you haven’t already RSVP to the next one!

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Australian Catholic University, Strathfield Campus
Building 611 – Mullen Wing, Room - 611.G.03, 25A Barker Road
Strathfield, NSW 2135 Australia

Pitching and funding options

This workshop is for those who need to gain a quick understanding of the different funding options available to businesses as they grow. It includes a focus on preparing pitch ideas, the background work that goes into producing a pitch and pitching techniques.

What to expect

This workshop will cover funding options available to businesses and how to stage them over time. This includes FFF (friends, fools and family), pre-sales, grants, loans, convertible notes, crowdfunding (pre-sales and equity), equity (accelerator, angel networks, venture capital, SAFE, ESIC and IRR), and IPO[CS1] . We will look at the advantages, disadvantages and challenges of each option and the preferred path.

You will be introduced to presentation types, including one-on-one, one-to-many and web-to-many, and the implications for each. We will also examine three- and five-minute pitches, how to prove credibility to investors and using authenticity, energy and emotion. You will brainstorm places to test and practice your pitch.

By the workshop’s conclusion, you will:

  • understand the primary funding options available as a business grows
  • be able to identify which funding option is applicable for growth phases
  • know the key elements of a funding pitch
  • be able to collect the content and evidence required for each pitch element
  • know where to practice your pitch with emotion and energy.

Attendees will be awarded a digital Certificate of Attendance.

For ACU students

Did you know this workshop can count towards your ACU Leadership Program Certificate? More information about the Leading With Impact Program can be found here:–leading-with-impact/leadership-framework

More information about the specific Tier 1 Bronze level activities offered by ACU Collaborate Plus is available at the following link:

About the Presenter

Brian profile image

Brian Dorricott has taken 50 teams through ON, Australia’s national science and technology accelerator run by the CSIRO. He has first-hand experience as an engineer, serial founder and entrepreneur. Brian has founded two companies: Gordano in 1994 (exit to MBO, 217 times return on investment), which provided messaging software that was used by 13,200 companies including the US Army, IBM and Telstra, and an internet security company (sold to Cisco, 50 times return on investment).

Subsequently, Brian ran an angel network reviewing 235 companies, presenting 23 to business angels, resulting in $11 million in investments for 11 companies, including $2 million from local angels. He left his role as the Entrepreneur in Residence at SETSquared (the world’s leading university incubator) to facilitate and lead individuals and teams through the process of maximising their innovation impact, both for themselves and Australia.

About the program

The Launch Plus Incubator Program is a series of workshops hosted by ACU Collaborate Plus, Australian Catholic University’s entrepreneurship and innovation hub.

The series is designed to take you through all of the stages of starting and growing a successful business. Budding entrepreneurs are welcome to attend all of the workshops.

The workshop topics include:

  • idea generation and validation
  • selling and telling
  • product/service development
  • start-up legal
  • digital marketing
  • pitching and funding options
  • start-up finance.

Find event details for all workshops.

                                  Supported by the NSW Government Boosting Business Innovation Program.

NSW Department of Industry


Australian Catholic University, Strathfield Campus
Building 611 – Mullen Wing, Room - 611.G.03, 25A Barker Road
Strathfield, NSW 2135 Australia

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