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Coming along to events ensures that you are up to date with current trends across various industries, meeting people in similar circumstances and also taking advantage of opportunities that can go a long way to helping your business.

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100 Harris St
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

This topic encompasses one of the keys of our Professional & Business life.

How do you network, meet people and develop relationships that then create money for you in the future.

Whether that is customers, future jobs or business partners. A business network and being able to have others interested in connecting with you and remembering who you are.

You are planting seeds for future growth. Often it is immediate. But it is a life changing skill. It may be THE primary skill to your success.

The alternative is an average job stuck at middle management or quiet business.

So I have put together a panel that can cover how they achieve this in a variety of ways with a variety of background.



Gunnar and I met when he attended one of my Job Events some years ago knowing nobody in Sydney. Since then he has forged himself a career in Australia with a mission to help people with Strategic & Business Networking.

With qualifications at the Australian Institute of Management, he is also a Personal Branding & Social Selling expert and has now been published in 2 countries and has even built a model Opera House out of Lego.

Find out more on:


Danielle originally worked together back in 2000. Since leaving that role she Plum Solutions – a successful international training business in Financial Modelling and has become an authority in her field including delivering training programs in the Middle East in countries which have not traditionally accepted women as authorities.

Her own meetup group covers 7 countries and she has over 40,000 members in her own LinkedIn forum.


An Ambitious career in Poland including launching a large Energy Company stalled with a serious health crisis.

Relocating to Australia (possibly the weather) she reached a realisation and founded the Lapis Revolution – Relationship & Life Coaching.

Kinga teaches people to develop love and relationships with others and themselves – changing one’s old patterns which affect ones progress in life.


Bel and I met at one of meetups she founded – Network 101.

She had previously built herself a successful Night Club business and was developing a speaking and network training business before Cancer stalled her progress a couple of years ago.

Recently recovered, she has now got back on track to build her business and is looking at her next challenge – running a Marathon (as well as growing her hair back!)


I met Maria when she was working with a friend of mine – Tony Melvin who at the time had the number 1 selling (bookstore selling) Non-Fiction book in Australia and a successful seminar business.

She had been a consultant for many years but my personal title for her would be ‘King Maker’. I found her skills in dealing with others extraordinary.

Direct to the point of laughable bluntness, she says things only Maria could get away with. But the way she navigates business and interpersonal relations makes every ‘listen and do’ whatever it is she asks.

I have seen her take a barren section of a business and boom it through her mysterious skills of communication only. Building relationships in a short time and selling her ideas with a minimum of fuss.


This will be an open panel night and feel free to ask anything. There will be time for networking and also WeWork is supplying Beer and Cider for anyone who would enjoy a drink.


100 Harris St
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

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