If you don’t have the time or budget to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, your time and effort would be better spent focusing on one than splitting your resources between all three.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all offer unique features, have different demographics and advertising opportunities. You’d be naive to pick one without doing your research. In this article, I’ll break down each site to point you in the right direction.


Facebook trumps Twitter and Instagram with its gigantic user base of 1.4 billion active users, that’s more than Instagram and Twitter combined. It allows businesses to create Pages where customers can leave reviews, like, share and interact with content. Facebook also has the most advanced ad features of all three and is used by all age demographics.

Facebook is most popular in the United States, India, Brazil, United Kingdom and Germany:

While the average Facebook user is 40 years old, the site has every age demographic using its platform. Facebook is also saturated with over 40 million businesses advertising, making it an expensive platform to promote.


  • Advanced advertising options which are very easy to use
  • Universal platform
  • Huge audience (1.4 billion users)


  • Ad marketplace is very competitive
  • Ads generally cost more on Facebook than Twitter and Instagram


If you do your own research, the first thing you’ll find out about Twitter is that there’s a higher ratio of female-to-males. 62% of all users on Twitter are female, with the average user being 37 years old.

Twitter is being used primarily as a news site by the younger demographic, with 74% of users who access Twitter say it’s their main source of news and a great medium to keep up with popular brands and businesses.

Twitter is most popular in the United States, Japan, India, United Kingdom and Spain:

Twitter also offers you the ability to promote content to users, but is not as powerful or as effective as Facebook. Twitter is more of a casual ad platform limiting updates to 140 characters and one picture.


  • Used by consumers to keep up-to-date with brands
  • Less competition than Facebook
  • Great for riding trending topics using hashtags


  • Limited advertising features
  • Creative options limited for posting (140 characters for ads)


Instagram recently announced that they are about to roll out advertising features to all its users. Up until now, only major brands had the option to serve ads to users through Instagram. Many are considering this a game changer to online advertising, as Instagram users are known to spend more money than any other social media user.

Many treat Instagram like an online shopping mall, users scroll through a brand’s photo feed deciding what to spend their next paycheck on. With the recent rollout of Instagram Ads, businesses that focus heavily on visual content marketing and target the younger demographic should seriously consider using Instagram.

More than 53% of all Instagram users are aged between 18-29, with that percentage continually growing. Instagram is most popular in the United States, Brazil, Russia, India and Turkey.

100% of all Instagram users are mobile users, with the platform only allowing you to post images and videos.


  • Huge teenage audience
  • Users are more likely to spend money than Facebook or Twitter
  • Ads recently rolled out and not as competitive as Facebook and Twitter


  • Limited advertising features
  • Only suited for businesses who create visual content
  • Not suitable for all industries (B2B, professional industries, etc)


In an ideal world you would want to use all three platforms if applicable to your business. Time and resources often make that difficult and it becomes a better strategy to focus on just one.

Use the information above to find the right social media platform leverage for your business.