Consumers now turning to the Internet to research products and businesses, there are no two better places to setup shop and advertise your business than Google and Facebook.

With more than 1.17 billion people using Google and Facebook having a little over 1.49 billion monthly active users, there’s no question that you will find your ideal customer on either platform.

But which is best for your business? Let’s find out.

Facebook Adverts Manager

Facebook is a social media platform and serves its ads within the Facebook platform. Facebook has an almost equal male-to-female demographic with half of their total user base between the ages of 18-34

Facebook lets businesses setup a Facebook Page where they can build a social media presence and brand their business through organic postings (free) and advertisements (paid). Ads on Facebook allow anyone to interact by either liking, comments or sharing all promotional material on their newsfeeds.

The typical Facebook ad allows ample length to write copy, place a high quality image and the option to add a call-to-action leading back to your product or website:

Facebook also allows you to setup retargeting campaigns and upload customer lists to serve media to past customers and website visitors.

  • Best for: Branding and engaging with customers.

Google Advertising

Google manages a number of display network meaning ads are not only shown on Google, but all their partner sites too. Google ads are a little different to Facebook and offer less room to get creative.

All ads served through their search engine are text-only and allow for minimal copy and space. Image based ads can be placed through partner sites and YouTube, but are notoriously known for receiving low click-through rates.

Google advertising also allows you to serve ads to prospects on your customer list or past website visitors.

  • Best for: ranking on the first page for keywords, selling and lead generation.

Who should you choose?

The short answer is both.

When deciding on which platform to advertise, a big part of your decision should be on how you wish to target your prospects. Facebook arguably has the most advanced advertising platform for small and local businesses, with the likes of Facebook Audience Insights revealing extremely useful data to plan your campaigns.

Google on the other hand focuses on the use of keywords to help you serve ads. Ranking on the first page of Google for industry related keywords and driving traffic for your products and services you’re selling offers huge potential.


Google is relevant to every business in the world, whether you sell sports gear, run a local restaurant or manage a Realtor office, 89% of all consumers start their search process online using search engines.

Facebook is suited more towards businesses who rely on branding. They do a much better job at promoting theme related ad campaigns and branding. For example, Coca-Cola’s #Makeithappy campaign wouldn’t had taken off on Google, but through the power of social media they inspired thousands of people through video and pictures.

Both offer unique features and help businesses achieve different objectives, you’d only be holding yourself back if you selected one over the other.