For those of you that don’t know us we are Aeona.  Started by myself (Alex) and business partner Benny, we began our journey as a humble little co-working space on Kippax St in Surry Hills about 4 years a go.  Since then we have served hundreds of local businesses, providing a space to work from and a friendly community of like-minded business owners and professionals.

Like all start-up businesses we had our struggles and our first space left a lot to be desired. From poor building management to loud noises, slow internet & poor lighting.  We had trouble getting the attention we hoped for when we started out.  We did our best & we persevered, putting business developments on hold while we tried to sustain a space that was just not pulling it’s weight until finally, finally, we bit the bullet and decided it was time for an upgrade.

In July 2015 we moved to what we think is the best co-working space in Sydney (we might be a little bias).  Bringing our loyal members from our previous space we now operate more efficiently than ever from our co-working headquarters on Buckingham St in Surry Hills and its time to get on with business!

Our mission is to empower individuals to pursue their Entrepreneurial dreams.  We aim to do that by providing resources, facilities & events to help engage, motivate and drive people towards their goals.

Our first port of call was our website – the one you are on at this very moment.  The goal of this website is to serve as a resource shedding light on business practices, while providing news, motivation, inspiration and articles to further your own personal development.

We hope you enjoy! And if you are interested in contributing or have any feedback, we would love to hear from you, so get in touch at [email protected].

There is a lot more in the works, so stay tuned and we hope to see you soon!

If you want to stay in touch via social media, feel free to check us out on:




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