At Aeona we take the health and safety of our members very seriously. With businesses returning to the office starting June we have taken comprehensive measures to ensure that members return to a safe environment. 

Aeona COVID Safety Measures

No touch hand sanitisers dispensers placed at elevators on each floor, all boardrooms, common areas and bathrooms.  This will ensure that all members are able to sanitise before, during and after interactions with clients, colleagues and other members.

Disinfectant wipes are provided in all common areas for wiping down equipment during office use.  Wipes are shown to kill bacteria on surfaces exposed to constant uses.  Members are encouraged to use wipes before starting work and when finished for the day to maintain bacteria free surfaces.

Hand washing and General Hygiene signage placed in all common areas and bathrooms.  Placement of signs in high throughput areas ensures that all members and guests are encouraged and reminded to practice good hygiene throughout the work day.


Free move policy and restriction to 4sqm p/person.  Aeona coworking space already adheres to a density of greater than 4sqm p/person.  Any members that would like to take extra precautions are permitted to choose any available desks at a distance sufficient for peace of mind.


If you have any additional requirements, please get in touch directly at [email protected]


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