Yeah yeah, you’ve heard it all before –

“We’re back! We’re doing something new, we are going to change the world! Blah blah blah…”

If you’ve been around the startup scene long enough, you hear this all the time, actually, if you look at our last “blog” post (2015) – we say something very similar – the reality is, while good intentions and lovely ideals are great, some things, well most things are easier said than done.

Over the last 7 years, Aeona (Benny and Myself) have been working hard establishing Aeona as an institution in the Sydney startup and entrepreneurial scene.  We think we have done a pretty great job!  And we think it is safe to say – Sydney’s startups think the same:

(Sydney Startup EOY Party 2017)

When we started Aeona our goal was to establish an environment and provide services that would empower individuals to successfully pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.

The first part of this mission was to establish the environment – this was to be encompassed by our coworking space – the first of many in an array of services to facilitate entrepreneurial success. We started with 168 square metres, graduated to 226sqm, doubled up 490sqm and then bursting at the seams took on an additional penthouse suite to bring us to a total of 574sqm.

For those that haven’t been to Aeona yet, we like to think we have the best coworking space in Sydney – we might not be the biggest, but what we lack in size we make up for with spirit!  With over 130 full time members, our community is tight knit and collaborates on a regular basis – our boardrooms and meeting rooms have hosted arguably some of the best startups in Australia and are used regularly as tools for educating current and future entrepreneurs.  Our rooftop terrace with sweeping views of Sydney, has been and is used  to celebrate Sydney’s startups (EOY party coming up – RSVP) with founders from all over, drinking to their successes, sharing their failures, and antagonising over the true essence of what it means to be a founder.

7 Years later we can safely say that we have successfully completed the first part of our mission!  The environment is complete, it is operating, it is thriving.

It’s now time for us to refocus and rededicate ourselves to the rest of our mission-

To facilitate the success of the greatest number of entrepreneurs as possible.

Now what does that actually mean?  What is success? And What do we mean by entrepreneurs.

Let’s not pussy foot around – when we say success, we mean to make money. We do not mean to find your purpose, or to solve the world’s problems or to find inner peace – what you choose to make your businesses is not our domain, but when it comes to making that business viable – That IS.

The reality is whether your business satisfies your deepest desires or not, it is simply unsustainable if it doesn’t make money or legitimately have the prospects of making money in the future.  If you haven’t run a business yet, then you will just have to trust me when I say -it is simply not worth the stress if there if you are not making money, you are simply better off sticking to your day job.  And for the those that have been in the trenches long enough – then you know exactly what we are talking about.

When we say entrepreneurs – we don’t care if you are running “startup” or “traditional business” – we care that you are taking control and having a go at securing a financially free and affluent future carving out your goals instead of someone else’s.  There is always a debate to be had about what a “startup” is but at the end of the day -run any type of business and at least in the beginning the hurdles are almost entirely the same.  We will be focusing on overcoming these hurdles, because it is these foundations that determine the viability of your project.

So what are we doing?  And when are we doing it?

The beginning of this leg of our mission, will begin with providing guidance and resources.  Over the last few months we have been partnering with some of the best in their industries to bring you reliable, accurate and important information and resources that will guide you on a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Invaluable knowledge and indispensable tools will be provided for free through videos, webinars, articles and events – we will talk to the important parts of “success” (as defined above) and provide access to the stepping stones that will get you there.

These resources will be hosted on our digital magazine and discussed in depth across social media and at live events.

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There will be a lot more to come and if you’re genuinely interested in running a “successful” business, then you won’t want to miss it! So whatever you do – Stay tuned -Because when we say “We’re Back” –what we really mean to say is – we’re not f*#cking leaving!



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