Tech Startup Monthly Poker @ Aeona

    June 5, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm
    1 Buckingham St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010
    Tech Startup Sydney Meetup



    Come down and join Tech Startup Poker for a few rounds of Texas Hold ’em at the Aeona co-working space next to Central.

    Check out the meetup group for house rules and FAQs!

    Hope to see you there.


    A meetup to get tech startup co-founders and investors together each month for a Poker game.

    Whilst there are stakes please don’t attend if you have no interest in being social and interacting with others who have an interest in Tech Startups.

    – Everyone is welcome

    – Blinds are $1/$1

    – Typical buy-in is $50-$100 [max $150]

    – Unlimited re-buys

    – Standard cut-off time is 11:30pm but we have been known to push on to the early hours. Feel free to come and go as you please!

    – We often chip in for food and drinks but there’s no obligation to do so.

    House rules:
    – Single chip rule: An unannounced single-chip bet is a call regardless of denomination (clearly announce all raises)

    – No string bets: Raises must be declared before any chips are placed, or the total bet (call + raise) must be placed in one motion

    – Don’t hide high-value chips

    – Keep cards visible so everyone knows you’re in the hand

    – New players entering do NOT have to post a big blind

    – Players absent will be dealt in and must post blinds

    – Live straddle bets are allowed before looking at cards

    Leaving: Players should announce intention to leave the game one orbit ahead of time (~30 mins) to avoid leaving immediately after winning a large pot [not applicable for busted players]

    Dealer: The dealer must be a participant in the game (ie. we do not hire a professional dealer, as we have a rotating dealer you will have to deal when you play at some point but don’t worry, others can help explain it to you)

    – When players are all-in and no further action is possible, the players may agree to “run it twice” (a.k.a. “deal twice”: deal the remainder of the board cards twice, and split the pot) or come to some other arrangement (run it three times, etc.).

    Bounty: Players may, by agreement, set a ‘bounty’ on winning a hand with 2-7 (on or off suit) whereby a player winning a hand with 2-7 collects a predetermined bounty from each player on the table

    Serious stuff:

    – The winner(s) of each game get(s) all the amount wagered in that game
    – No person other than a participant in the game receives a payment or benefit from the playing of the game (you don’t need to pay to play and we don’t make any money from running the event)
    – No payment is made for the right to participate in the game or to enter premises where the game is played (you don’t need to pay any money to enter the floor).

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