Learn to use Google Analytics

    April 24, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    Aeona - Coworking Space
    1 Buckingham St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010

    A workshop for business owners, founders and marketers.

    This workshop is hosted by Aeona with the goal of assisting business owners and junior marketers to ensure that their website and marketing efforts are going in to the right areas to run a more successful website and more effective marketing campaigns.

    A website has a purpose and generally that purpose is to either sell a product or bring attention to your desired products, services or resources.

    When operating a website there are two main important elements:

    1. Getting people to your website. This generally occurs using social media, paid advertising, email campaigns, SEO, blogging or other marketing/advertising methods.
    2. Making sure that once they are on the page the website performs correctly by allowing users to find the information they are looking for and swiftly take the desired action of the webmaster –This could be making an enquiry, purchasing a product, subscribing to a newsletter etc.

    The issue is, that without proper analytical tools, you have no idea what marketing methods are working to get people to your page and where you should focus your attention to get the best return on your spend.  Additionally, you also have no idea what your users are doing once they get to your page.  Are they finding the information that they need?  Do you have the right information for them? Are they completing the actions that you want them to once they arrive on the page?

    This is where Google Analytics steps in.  Using Google Analytics website owners can identify important insights from their audience, marketing efforts and website functionality which will ensure that time and effort is being spent in the right place.

    So if you want to find out

    • What pages are most popular on your website?
    • Where your users are coming from?
    • Where to focus your marketing efforts?
    • What users are doing once on your website?
    • When users leave your website? And potentially why?
    • What age/gender/location your visitors are?
    • Which areas to improve on your website?
    • How to set website goals and work towards achieving them.

    Come along to this in depth hands on workshop where we will cover

    • Installing Google Analytics
      • Overcoming common errors
    • The most important functions of analytics
    • Important terminology of Google Analytics – Page Views/users/Bounce Rate/Exit etc
    • Creating custom goals & conversions to track desirable events
    • How users are using your site
    • Where your users are coming from
    • Understanding the demographics and other important details of your audience

    If you are serious about making your website work for you, this workshop is absolute must!


    In order to get the most out of this workshop, it ideal that you have the following.  If you don’t have the following you are still able to attend, just be aware that you mainly benefit from the theory as opposed to the practical elements of the workshop.

    • Laptop
    • Domain and Website
      • Access to your domain name host provider (crazydomains or similar)
      • Access to your FTP and cPanel – Login Details
    • A functioning website
      • A website where we can install google analytics code to start reporting data
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