Introduction to Machine Learning & A.I for startup founders’

    June 13, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
    Aeona - Coworking Space
    1-9 Buckingham St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010
    02 8076 4593

    Introduction to Machine Learning & A.I for startup founders’

    With so much buzz out there and the industry moving so fast, it is hard enough for us data scientists to stay on top of what is going on. The business world and startup founders are the ones best positioned to use these technologies to build great value but are left in the dark, being left to wade through the hype and misinformation. Well fear not!

    In this talk, Alex will navigate the line between technical and business as he demystifies this new world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. You should walk away from this session being able to understand some of the language & key terms of data science. This will allow you to start having meaningful conversations in your company about data and advanced analytics so you can think strategically about being a more data driven company.

    If you are a startup founder, especially of tech startups such as SaaS, marketplaces or E-Commerce, that is wondering how to use Data Science to capitalise on your current or future data assets then this talk is for you! Or if you are just curious come along as well!

    We will cover:

    • BI. AI. ML. Analytics – what does it all mean and how does it all fit together?
    • What is Machine learning reallywhat are the ‘types’ & their business use cases?
    • Deep Learning, Neural Nets & how dumb A.I really is.
    • How to spot data science BS (And meet the Data Science Unicorn!)
    • How to start thinking about Machine Learning & A.I for your company

    Alex Scriven (Co-Founder & CEO of Madlytics)

    Alex is a Co-Founder and CEO of Madlytics, a new type of consultancy using agile methodologies to harness the power of Machine Learning and A.I to solve business problems. Alex’s background is heavily commercial, with degrees in Finance & Economics & previous work in digital marketing & analytics for large B2B clients. He has a deep passion & involvement in entrepreneurial and startup communities, moderating the Sydney Startups facebook group and helping foster the community wherever he can.

    However don’t think he is not a huge data nerd! He has a Masters degree in Data Science and has built machine learning models for companies across a variety of industries from health analytics to E-Commerce & mining. He holds casual academic positions at UNSW and UTS where he lectures masters students in Machine Learning & undergraduate students in entrepreneurship (digital marketing & strategy). Alex is most passionate about bridging the gap between and the latest Machine Learning and A.I technologies from academia & the business world.

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