Build for Exit – Build your business for a profitable exit

    June 27, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    Aeona - Coworking Space
    1-9 Buckingham St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010

    How To Grow Your Business Rapidly and Exit Profitably

    Most business owners work in their business to make more money and live off the profits their businesses generate. It helps to pay off their mortgage, puts food on the table, pays for their kids’ education and all the expenses that pay for their lives.

    The problem is that most of you in business spend your lives building a business that pays for a lifestyle, rather than building an asset of value to someone when you are ready to exit or take on an investor.

    This often results in so many businesses simply having to shut shop or sell for rock bottom prices or seek investors who take advantage of your situation.

    The Solution
    Put simply, the solution is to plan your business like an income producing asset that grows in real value – real value to an actual buyer or investor. To do that, you should be building your business for an exit. Whether you decide to exit or not. By working your business this way, you’ll be able to attract the right potential investors, buyers, suppliers, customers and business partners – because you’ll have something of value. The quickest way I know is by doing what I call a ‘Build To Exit’.

    What you’ll learn

    Growing Internally
    The Build To Exit method is essentially doing two things simultaneously. First is growing the business’ value internally. I’ll go through the 6 areas of internal growth to make your business attractive to potential investors and buyers of your business and what they really look for, and what they’ll be willing to pay more for if you get right

    Growing Externally (M&A)
    The second part in building your value quickly is by growing your business through merging or acquiring other businesses. I’ll show you some of the key strategies and ways to do this, even if you don’t have the money to do this.
    Think about it, if you were able to acquire a business similar to yours in revenue and profitability, you could potentially double your business. There are plenty of things to consider of course in the right acquisition, but from a high level that’s how a lot of the most successful businesses have grown – by acquisition.

    Attracting the Right Buyers or Investors & Exiting Profitably
    When you combine growth by acquisition with internal growth, you have a way to double, triple or even quadruple your business within a fairly short time. In doing so you’ve significantly grown the value of your business. You’ll also learn how to attract the right strategic buyers who’ll pay you at higher multiples. You’ll learn about what they look for in buying or investing in your business. You’ll learn how to increase your business value by moulding your business in the way that makes them more money because it strategically makes sense to buy you out. You’ll also learn about the other ways you can exit and ultimately you will have learned how to Build To Exit

    About Bryan Santos
    Bryan has been working with businesses to grow and improve their sales and profitability since 2001. Having worked with hundreds of businesses owners advising and helping to improve their businesses, Bryan has a breadth of knowledge and deep understanding of business that includes:

    -Business and corporate finance
    -Cash flow and profitability strategies
    -Sales and marketing
    -Staffing – recruiting, team culture, management development and personality profiling
    -Growth by acquisition
    -Exit strategy and planning

    Bryan currently works with businesses around Australia and the United States.

    Bryan is also involved in capital raising and private equity that sees him involved in advisory and deal making in mergers and acquisitions of companies across multiple industries, in multiple states and countries.

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